Monday, April 11, 2011

Tot Trays - Easter

I had so much fun putting together our Easter themed trays!!  I know Sweet Girl will enjoy using them too!  She's asked me all weekend for our new "plates" as she calls them!!  Everything pictured below is either from the dollar store or Michaels craft store.

Spooning eggs into an egg tray

Egg matching

Counting chicks
(These little chicks are absolutely adorable!!)

Bunny and chick patterning
This is actually supposed to be a tic-tac-toe game, but I am planning on using it as a patterning activity.  I will put the chicks and bunnies in the first row and then will have Sweet Girl try to copy it for the last two rows.  My gut tells me we will do this one once and then she will carry around the chicks and bunnies for the rest of the day!

Placing egg sticks in a container

Three part sequencing cards
We haven't tried actual picture sequencing yet so I wanted to introduce something new.  These are from Carisa's Tot School Printables, which are FAB-U-LOUS, by the way!!  I know it's not actually "Easter-themed"...stretching it a little, huh!!

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Tot School


  1. Love these Easter Trays! I know what I am going to do tonight once Daddy gets home! Shopping at the dollar store and Michaels! Thanks again for the awesome ideas!!! I know my little Mia-bug is going to love it!

  2. Lovely Easter trays!

    I wish we had more space so that I could do proper trays but instead I hate to rotate things in and out on top of his shelves as we don`t have any extra room. Considering his age (and need for supervision with the supplies) it is probably a good thing for now. Hopefully by the time he is old enough to have trays out full time we will be in our own house and I will be able to devote more room to his "schooling"

    Love the egg`s into the shaker idea! Fantastic!

  3. I love your ideas! I keep buying new supplies each time I see these cute ideas. I was just at the dollar store and bought the bug holder and little lizards (as per my daughter -- she did NOT want bugs). Now I need to go back to find these cute things! :-)

  4. I think your gut may be right about the little rabbits and chicks if your little girl is anything like mine. I have the same set and that is exactly what she did. We also put the chicks inside of plastic Easter Eggs and had them "hatch."
    I love your ideas BTW=)

  5. Great ideas! I really like the egg sticks into the shaker container. We will have to try that. I also got the Bunny Tic-Tac-Toe game for my little one and put it into a sensory bin. I painted the bottoms of the pieces all different colors and the bunny tray with corresponding colors and we use it as a color matching game.

  6. THANK YOU for sharing your ideas!!! I got the same sparkly eggs you used for your spooning activity, and the eggs on a stick. However, I was drawing a complete blank on what to do with them! Great ideas and I will link back to you when I do my post next week!

  7. Love your ideas! We have those cute little plastic chick eggs too! I love the idea of putting numbers on them and using them for counting!


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