Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Sensory Bin

I wasn't going to make a sensory bin this month, but I had some extra Easter stuff left over after I made our trays so I decided to throw one together.  Sweet Girl really liked this bin and has had fun playing with it for the last several days.

I kept it pretty simple this month since sometimes the larger, more packed sensory bins are a little overwhelming for her.  Her favorite thing to do, really, is to just scoop the pasta into a bowl.

Here's what I threw in our bin:
Pink, yellow and blue dyed orzo pasta
Several plastic eggs with baby chicks hidden inside
Plastic porcupine eggs
Felt egg stickers
Small bowl and spoon (not pictured)


  1. so sweet. I also made a sensory bin

  2. That is a gorgeous sensory bin. My little one would love it.


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