Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ABC Fun - Letter I

I thought letter I would be difficult to organize, but I actually had a lot of fun finding and creating activities for this letter!!  I decided to stick with the Montessori letter I sound, as in "igloo".

Alphabet Sensory Bin
Here's our sensory bin for letter I.  In our bin there are lots of letter I's, an igloo and pictures of an indian, an igoo, instruments and an iguana.  I ended up printing off a few images since I'm still on the hunt for some good letter I objects!  As with all our alphabet bins, I like to introduce the letter and talk about the sound the letter makes.

Letter I intersection
Not that Sweet Girl knows what an intersection is, but it starts with the letter I sound so we're going with it!!!  Regardless, I think she will enjoy driving our cars on our letter I's.

Letter I matching and memory game
These are the same images from our sensory bin above.  I just enlarged them to make a little memory and matching game.  Click here if you'd like a copy.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Felt Story
We love our felt story board from Storytelling Fun

Itsy Bitsy Spider sequencing cards
These are cute little sequencing cards from here.  We are working on simple story sequencing and these are perfect for our Itsy Bitsy Spider story board.

Instrument box
And to wrap up the letter I, we plan on having a little musical party with our instrument box!!

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