Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Momma made...Toy organization & Homemade Tag Tutorial

My husband says I'm a little crazy when it comes to organizing!!  I am a firm believer that everything has a place and everything should be in it's place!!  But boy do those toys start to take over after a while!!!  Sweet Girl is actually pretty "neat" when it comes to playing and will often put her toys away when she is done (PLEASE let this continue through the teenage years!).  In one of my crazy efforts to get organized I made little tags to attach to the baskets in our playroom.  They are so simple to make and definitely help with keeping things organized. 

These are a couple of the MANY tags I have for our baskets.

The liner of the basket is perfect for hanging the tag.

And here's how easy they are to make....

First, gather your supplies.
You'll need some unfinished wooden tags, paint, alligator clips, glue gun and alphabet stickers. The wooden tags pictured here are from Michaels.  They offer several different shapes and are super inexpensive (about $.50 each).  You can find the alligator clips in the jewelry section at most craft stores.  The alphabet stickers are also from Michaels (but you can purchase them online here).

Next, paint your unfinished wooden tags and let dry.  I used a gloss based paint because it has a little more shine to it than regular acrlyic paint.

After your paint dries, flip over the wooden piece and glue one of your alligator clips to the back using your glue gun.  Make sure the clasp of the alligator clip is facing in the correct direction for your basket or liner.  For this tutorial the clip is facing down, however, for the basket liners pictured above I had to reverse the clip.

And finally...add your stickers.

Ah.....I love being organized!!

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  1. Very cute! I love being organized, too!

  2. i am much like you. but doesn't it make tidy up time easier to know where evrything goes!!
    Love the stickers. they really look great on the white plaques!
    Thanks for shareing

  3. I love being organized as much as you do! This is really neat. :-)

  4. Those are great! I love them. Nice work :)

    Thanks for sharing this post at For the Kids Friday at Sun Scholars!

  5. Gasp! I'm just a little bit in love with how tidy this looks! Nice!


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