Thursday, February 3, 2011

Learning Toys

I try to rotate Sweet Girl's toys out on a regular basis to keep the toys exciting and new.  We have lots of toys in our playroom, but most of them are in baskets or bins, so I try to pull out some everyday and put them at her level.  I've found that she isn't quite old enough to "decide" what she wants to play with and needs direction and suggestions.  I also keep a few learning toys in a small basket in our family room.  Here are the most popular toys this week:

Do you own these?  If not, you should put them on your kiddo's birthday list!!  They simply are amazing blocks.  Everyone in our household loves them (mom and dad included!!)

They make great accessories too!! 

These are really cute and great for fine-motor coordination.  Sweet Girl really loves these!

Dora book with playmat and figurines
I'm not sure if you've noticed, but my daughter LOVES everything Dora!  This book and playset is amazing and was only $5.99 at TJ Maxx.  It comes with this huge playmat and all the figurines from the series.  This provides hours of fun and entertainment for Sweet's great for imaginative play.  She usually carries Dora and Boots around in a little basket all day.  (And yes, I do frequently wash her Dora pajamas....I know it looks like she has them on in every picture).

Alphabet flashcards
These are from the dollar section at Target.  Sweet Girl pulled them out so we did some letter A activities. 

Here we were playing a little memory game. 

And here are some shots of our tot trays in action this week:
Balancing marbles on the pegs was by far the biggest hit this week!!  She has probably done this 50 times already!!  And it really does take a lot of concentration.  Look at that face!!
(P.S. They have this exact pegboard/peg set at the Dollar Tree...I was just there yesterday)

Balancing the marbles

Sorting fruit into flower cups

Matching up the foam ABC letters with the letter cards

And here is my FAVORITE shot of the week:


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