Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ABC Fun - Letter A

This week starts the beginning of our alphabet learning!!!  Sweet Girl knows most of her letters and some of their sounds thanks to the Leap Frog Letter Factory (which is a great educational DVD, by the way!).  I've decided to start with "A" and work our way through to "Z".  That way we can correlate with all our books and the Letter Factory.

Here's how we are learning our letters and their sounds:

Alphabet Sensory Bin
I put together a small sensory bin using dyed alphabet pasta.  I got this great idea from here and plan on using it to introduce all of our letters.  Then I went on a search and found all the letter "A,a"'s in our house, as well as any object that starts with the letter 'a'.  Sweet girl loved playing around in the pasta.

Here's what we have in our alphabet bin.
(Variety of capital and lowercase a's, apples, astronaut, alligator, acorn)
We talked about what was in the bin ("A is for apple") and what sound 'a' makes ("The a says 'ah').

Then I lined up these cards on the floor and we played a little game.  I would call the letter and she had to find it and jump on it.  

Next we played a little matching game and she had to match the foam letter with the correct card.  Sweet Girl was able to match the letters, but still needed some help naming the actual letter. 

Then we took all our objects that begin with the letter 'a' and lined them up underneath the letter card.

Here Sweet Girl is playing with the mini alligator.

After our games, we read through these books and looked at all the 'a' pictures and letters. 

Stay tuned for more....
I have some fun "A is for..." activities planned for this week!

The Attached Mama's Alphabet Craft Collection

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