Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY I Spy Christmas Ornaments

I searched and searched for what Anna and I could make her little friends for Christmas and I finally found the perfect gift....thanks to Pinterest!

These I Spy ornaments are just too darn cute.  And they are so easy to make!  

Anna and I had a lot of fun filling up the ornaments with cute little Christmas goodies...and Anna really enjoyed just playing with all the little pieces.

I found all of the little goodies in the Christmas section of the craft store.  The store is kind of picked over right now, but they do have everything 60% off so you might just get lucky!!

We used clear plastic ornaments instead of glass since I knew they would be getting lots of handling from little hands.

I used a funnel to pour in filling beads into each ornament.   The filling beads are actually the same little beads they use in stuffed animals and other sewing projects.  They are with the batting and stuffing at the craft store.

I hot glued on the lid after we were finished to make sure all the little goodies stayed safely inside.

And then Anna called out all the little goodies inside the ornament and I typed up a little list to attach to each ornament!

We made a couple extra to keep her and some to give to our neighbors!!  It's a perfect gift for a preschooler!!

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