Friday, November 16, 2012

Preschool Painting Fun

I'm sure it's no surprise that Anna loves to paint and do crafts.  She would do them all day long....picture after picture, craft after craft.  Sometimes, though, I don't run out of ideas (like after the 10th activity of the morning) or either I just don't feel like getting all the stuff needed together.

Thankfully, I found Learn.Create.Love.  It's an amazing site with awesome painting printables.  Anna actually asks to browse the site by name to see what she feels like painting.  Below are just a few of our recent creations.  You just have to check out the site!  It's a go-to when I need something quick, easy and relatively mess free for my preschooler!!


  1. These are so fun. I love the mermaid. And thanks for the link. You always share great links!

  2. Oh my gosh...thank you so much for posting about this!! I am not a very creative person so I collect a lot of crafts on Pinterest, but sometimes I don't have everything or don't feel like getting it all out (shame on me, I know) but this is perfect!! My daughter loves to paint and there are so many other fun things on this site!! This will definitely be added to our go to list of sites for fun!! :)


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