Monday, November 5, 2012

Preschool Journal: R is for Rainbow

Anna is still loving her preschool journal.  She carries around with her most places and asks to write in it a lot.  I let her draw, color or whatever she wants in it any time, but I'm always trying to think of new and creative ideas for her to incorporate into the journal.

One day last week she was really obsessed with rainbows and wanted to put one in her journal so I decided to cut out some shapes for a rainbow and let her put them in the correct order.

She loved gluing them down (she loves gluing anything).  My shapes aren't obviously the best, but she didn't seem to mind!!

After she put together the rainbow, I had her write a letter "R".  Below the rainbow is her "R".  I don't really correct her as she's writing her letters, but sometimes I will have her trace the letter after me so she can see how the letters are made.  I'm not that concerned about how she writes them.  I just love that she loves to write, color and draw.

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