Monday, October 1, 2012

What Can You Make With A Circle: Preschool Journal

I blogged about our preschool journal last week and thought I would share one of our recent entries.  For this particular day, I drew several circles on two pages of Anna's journal and invited her over to "make" these circles into anything she wanted.  

She wasn't quite sure what I wanted her to do at first, so we talked about what things we saw in the room that were round or circular and then we started brainstorming about other things that are round.  

After the first circle, she was pretty good to go and got to work "making" the circles into different things.  She pretty particular about "mixing colors" so she had me draw an additional yellow circle because she really wanted to add a sunshine.

After she completed each circle, she had me spell out the word so she could write down what they are....I told you the girl likes to write!!

She made:

It's an easy activity that really gets your child to "think outside of the box".  Give it a try!!

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