Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Counting Game

Anna found this little pumpkin game in the back of one of our Halloween books and asked if we could play it one day.  It's pretty simple, but a great way to incorporate counting in a fun little game.  We played it like "hide-n-seek" with just a few pumpkins since it was just the two of us, but if you had a few kids playing, I'd recommend making lots-o-pumpkins.

Here's how you play...

Start by drawing some pumpkins on pieces of construction paper.  Your little one can draw some faces if they'd like.

Cut them out after they are all ready...

...and add some star stickers to the back of the pumpkins.  We did two of each number 1-3 (but like I said...make more if you have more kids).

Then the fun comes.
Hide the pumpkins throughout the house and then set your kids free to find them.
After all the pumpkins have been collected have each kid count up the number of stars on the back of their pumpkins.
The one with the most wins!!  

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