Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Rhyming Game

This was a fun little game Anna and I played one afternoon while Drew napped.  I printed off the cards from here....

The game is basically a rhyming/matching game.  First we read through all the words together.  Some are obvious (house, hat), and some not so obvious ("boo" for ghost, "rich" for a pot of gold).  

Once we read through all the words and I felt like Anna knew what the picture represented, we mixed them up all over the floor and she had to pair the rhyming words together.  I also had her try to "make up" another a rhyming word to rhyme with the other two....just for practice (for example, "candy" and "sandy" and then she would make up "pandy".)

Then we played a little matching game with the cards by turning them all face down and finding our matchings.  Luckily for her, you could see through the backs of the cards so she won that game pretty quickly....ha!

Check them out and print off your own for some Halloween rhyming fun!!

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