Friday, September 21, 2012

Insta Love

I love Instagram.  Love it.  I love that I always have a camera with me and that I can share my photos with family and friends.  I love that I can document the "everyday" all day long without lugging around my big ole camera.  I love that I catch those special little hugs, quiet naps, messy treats and sweet moments.  I love looking back through the photos and seeing how much my two sweet kids have grown just this year.

Here is an "insta" look at our last couple of weeks.  All fun, all good.

From the top left:
UNC football game
Drew going to "pretend preschool"
Anna taking a rare, but needed nap
Drew and his cute little cheeks
Drew swinging higher
Our new home
Messy painting fun
Anna's preschool teacher
Anna's first day of preschool
Messy treats after dinner
Yummy beers on tap
Big slides
Funny Anny
First haircut for Drew
More swinging Drew-man
Anna's "first day" sign

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