Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Fall Schedule

I don't know about you, but our days always run much smoother when we have a schedule or something planned.  "Just go with it..." days don't really seem to work for us. order to be ready for our preschool year and this Fall, I am putting a lot of up front work in and am planning out our days.  

I'm going to try to "stick" to some sort of schedule of activities so I can be more prepared.  I love spontaneity but that doesn't seem to always fly with my kiddos.  We aren't stuck to this schedule, but if nothing else comes up, I will have a go to if needed.

Our schedule will be as above:

Mondays: play dough day.  
I plan on making a new batch of play dough with the kids and having a fun little activity for them to do.

Tuesdays: baking day
On Tuesday, I plan on having a fun little cooking activity planned for the kids.  Sometimes we will just make something easy or sometimes I will have an activity or book to go along with the baking day.

Wednesdays: painting day
Watercolors, finger paints, bubble painting..something like that.

Thursdays: craft day
I'll have a fun little craft planned for us on Thursdays.  Most likely I'll pick one of Allie's fabulous ideas over at No Time for Flashcards.

Fridays: game day
On Fridays I plan on having some type of fun game planned.  I'll probably use some of the store bought games we have on hand and then supplement with other "homemade" games I find/know (like "I spy" or "Hide and Seek").

I'm getting my calendar all ready and plan on sharing it here on my blog later this week so you can follow along with us if you'd like!!  If you don't already, follow Playing House on Facebook!  I post all my blog entries there so you'll hear about it right away!!



  1. Ah, how great. I think that a plan works well for me too. Without it, I forget things. Glad to hear it works for the kiddos too. I'll be following on your Facebook too. Have fun.

  2. I really like how easy this is. Doesn't have to be complicated. Thanks.


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