Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fun with a Pool Noodle

Packing with two kids around has been just plain crazy.  And once all our "fun" stuff was packed I was left standing in my kitchen wondering how I was going to entertain my two for the rest of the week.  

So I went through our "goodwill" pile and found some things that worked out just fine!!

A pool noodle, spoons and paint!  Who would have thought a pool noodle could have provided a few hours of entertainment.

I took out a knife and cut the pool noodle into small pieces.  Then I handed them over to my son.  He enjoyed stacking them, knocking them over and then eventually throwing them....such a boy!

Once he seemed a little bored, I took out some spoons and showed him how to stick the ends of the spoons in the holes of the noodle.

He loved this and spent quite a while putting them through each hole.

For my daughter, Anna, I took out our paints and some bowls and let her do "noodle prints". 

They both enjoyed these little activities and we managed to get one more day of packing under our belts!!


  1. So fun! We are doing a week of painting right now, and painting with a pool noodle would be a great addition. Hopefully I can still fin one in the store. Good luck with the move.

  2. I love the noodle prints. You have such fun crafts for kids here. I've subscribed so I won't miss any fun!

  3. Painting with pool noodles, I know the Clubhouse Kids would love that one! Thanks for sharing :)


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