Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finger Painting on a Canvas

Finger painting on a canvas turned out to way more fun than I had expected!!

We are still down to just a few fun art and craft supplies in our house since most everything is packed.  I just kinda threw this together to give Anna something to do for the afternoon.

All you need is:
finger paint
canvas (You can get these on sale at the craft store all the time.  I got four for $10).

I set out several colors of finger paint and one of the noodle pieces from our "fun with a pool noodle" activity.  

She's not a big fan of getting her hands all messy so she used the pool noodle to paint (or smear) all over the canvas.

Then she just had fun doodling, drawing, writing....

(her self portrait!)

And we made hearts together...

And she practiced writing her name!

The best thing about finger paints and a canvas???  The paints wash right off the canvas.  I usually just spray mine down with our garden hose, let it dry overnight and then it's ready to go again.  Or you could always keep the fabulous artwork and hang it up somewhere if you'd like!!

Happy painting!


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