Thursday, June 28, 2012

Marshmallow Sculptures

I set this fun little activity out for the kids the other day and not only was it fun, it was tasty!  My kids never pass up a yummy marshmallow, so this was definitely a hit to them!

Basically I just cut up a few straws and put some marshmallows into a bowl.

And they got right to work!

Anna want to make some letters so we tried out a couple!

It's a fun (and tasty) way to play and learn!


  1. I like this better than the little marshmallows and tooth picks, thanks for posting!

  2. Did the color hunt you posted about and sent a link your way. Blogged about it on my list of fun summer activities!

    Thannks again,
    Gianne at

  3. We did this activity yesterday. It was so fun, but a few of the marshmallows ended up with some bites taken out of them. Not sure how that happened. :) Thanks for the great idea.


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