Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY Tabletop Art Easel

I saw this idea during one of my Pinterest browses and thought it was pretty genius.

My son and daughter love to paint. daughter loves to paint.  My son loves to paint paper and eat paint....silly boy.

I put these two easels together while we were traveling at our Mimi and Poppy's house.  The kids had a great time using them and I even toted them home for use here!  

I didn't follow any sort of tutorial, but it's pretty easy to figure out.  Just cut off a part of a box and then loop the two ends together to make a triangle shape.  I taped the bottom two pieces together with scotch tape and they have held up great.

I added a little close pin to Sweet Girl's so she could easily change out her paper.  Little Man just gets a piece of tape.  That close pin would be waaaaay too distracting for him!  

I also keep our used egg cartons and recycle those as paint holders.  They work out perfectly and are easy for tiny hands to hold!

Happy painting!

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1 comment:

  1. Very neat! I love the idea of using egg cartons for paint holders!


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