Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pretend Ice Cream Shop

We love play dough at our house and we love ice cream!  What's better than a play dough ice cream shop?  Not much, according to a super cute three year old and an adorable one year old.

I set up an ice cream shop on our little table in the kitchen and both my kids went crazy making ice cream sundaes and milkshakes.

We made three different types of scented play dough, which were just the perfect touch for pretend play.  We added strawberry kool-aid to the strawberry, vanilla extract to the vanilla and cocoa powder to the chocolate play dough.  They all smelled delicious....almost good enough to eat.  Strawberry was definitely a favorite for us.  

I found this super cute little ice cream menu at Spell Outloud and printed it out for Sweet Girl to use at her shop. 

We added little dixie cups and straws for pretend milkshakes.

And sprinkles to our sundaes.

Yum!  Good ole pretend play!!

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