Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Playing with Shapes

This is a fun activity to do with preschoolers.  We tried this the other day and I was really impressed with Sweet Girl's concentration and focus.

Start by cutting out shapes from foam sticker sheets.  Be sure to cut two of each shape.  Then assemble one of your shape pictures and gather the remaining pieces together so you will know which stickers go with which picture.

When you are all done, invite your preschooler over and tell them you want them to try to copy your design using the stickers.

Sweet Girl did a really good job.  I did have to help her once when she was putting the person together.  She wanted to put the legs on first, but wasn't sure where they should go since she hadn't added the body yet.  I encouraged her to add the body first and then she was able to finish it easy peasy!


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