Monday, May 14, 2012

Momma Made - A Fairy Garden

As soon as I saw this fairy garden over at Lil Blue Boo I immediately jumped in my car and headed to the craft store.  I'm always on the lookout for fun DIY type of projects and I also am obsessed with anything "mini" so this was perfect for me, ahem...I mean Sweet Girl!

All of the mini fairy house are just painted $1 mini birdhouses you can find all over the craft stores.  Aside from the fabric for our play mat, the whole thing cost us about $7.  

Can't beat that for hours and hours of imaginative play!

My super sweet hubby helped me cut out all the little doors for the fairies (after lots and lots of nagging, begging and pleading).  I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm a hoarder and also no older than age five.  Oh well!

We painted wooden mini pots and put some fake flowers in each one to add to the garden feel.  For Tink's house, I added polka dots and stamped out her name on a piece of card stock.

I hand painted all of the little houses with acrylic paint and added different little things to each house (fabric roof, painted flowers, signs).

And what's a fairy garden without a toad stool table and chair set???
I saw this idea at Little Red Whimsy on etsy.....and figured I could make them quite easily!!

And when the fairies are all tired, they can rest their teeny tiny little heads on these super cute pillows and leaf beds. (Idea also from Little Red Whimsy .....I just sewed mine from my felt stash).

I sewed together a piece of fabric and piece of flannel to make a little play mat for all the fairies.

It was so fun to make and I, Sweet Girl has spent a lot of time playing with it!!  

Here are some other cool fairy garden I found during my "fairy obsession":

What's on your "to-make" list??
Off to look for my next project!!

And in case you missed the weekend post....Playing House is now on Facebook!!  Come on over and join in the fun!!


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  1. Just stumbled across your blog! Glad I did. Love it! Following along now :)


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