Friday, May 11, 2012

Invitations to Play - Week in Review

This week I participated along with Anna from The Imagination Tree and her "invitations to play" ideas.

As described by Anna on her blog....

"What exactly are Invitations to Play?
I've heard this term used a lot by Early Childhood Educators, but I believe the first person I heard it from was the wonderful Christie at Childhood 101. It simply describes a little set up of play materials for your child to come and discover and play with in any way that they choose. It can be as simple as setting out the tea set and play food on a little table with napkins, bringing out the building blocks and setting them on the grass or presenting the child with an unusual object for investigation. Most of the time, by placing toys or materials in a new location or presenting them in an original way, the child's imagination is sparked and they can come to it with fresh eyes and new ideas! "

  These ideas all made our week super fun, super busy and just a little different from our regular week.  Both of my kiddos were excited and engaged with all of these activities.  Some lasted a looong time, like the car play mat, and others were rather short, like the pom poms (basically my son thought it would be funny to see how many he could stuff in his mouth....geez!).

We will definitely be participating as long as Anna keeps posting her ideas.  There truly is something that all kids love about "a new activity" or "a new play routine" and it does spark some new creativity and imaginative play.

These things were great for us because I just used what we had on hand.  I didn't have to buy anything new for hours of play!!

Here is our week in review!

Thanks again to the awesome Anna for these cool play ideas!!

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  1. I love the idea of "an invitation to play"!

    I'd love it if you'd link up at my Teaching Time for Toddlers party. It's open all week!

    Feel free to link anything else that is relevant that you'd like to share!

  2. I'm loving the idea of Invitations to Play...we need to make sure we're not stifling our children's creativity by being in control all the time! :) THanks for sharing! :)


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