Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's That? A Crayon Rubbing Game

I put together a fun little activity for Sweet Girl this afternoon.  We tried something similar last year, but I think she was too young.  Now, at 3 years, she was all ready to go and knew exactly how to rub the crayons.  

All you need is some random pieces of paper and some flat objects from around the house.  I cut out a few shapes from card stock, grabbed a leaf from one of our plants and cut out a piece of glittered foam.

Gather your papers/objects and hide them underneath a piece of paper.

Tape down all the sides with painters tape.

Then hand your crayons to your kiddo and have them rub the crayon across the paper to find the "hidden objects".  We used the awesome Stockmar crayons, but if you use regular crayons, just pull the paper off the crayon before hand so they can rub the crayon on its side.

As your child rubs the crayons across the paper, the pictures/objects appear.  It's pretty cool!!  And it's great for object recognition.

I also used some of the dot stickers to make some letters.  

It took a little while for the letters to be recognizable, probably since they were made up from a bunch of circles, but Sweet Girl enjoyed it anyway!!

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