Monday, March 19, 2012

Fun with Playdough

We had some friends over one day last week and everyone wanted to play with playdough. 

I pulled out all our colors of playdough, some dishes, cups, buttons, straws, googly eyes, pom poms and popsicle sticks and everyone had fun playing!!  It's so fun to see the neat things kids make!

Little Man sticking straws into his playdough.

Sweet Girl adding some arms to a "monster".

The finished monster.

One of Sweet Girl's friends making a "button monster" complete with lots of googly eyes!

More straws and cups.

Popsicle stick monster.

Popsicle stick "Grover".

Stacking playdough.

And another button monster.

What about you guys??  How do your kiddos play with playdough???

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