Thursday, January 19, 2012

ABC Fun - Letter M

We've started back our ABC fun, but have changed it up a little.  Sweet Girl is really loving sitting and completing activities and tasks so I tried to add some more challenging things for her.  I'm also trying to correlate our activities to a book that we will read throughout the week. 

This week we worked on letter M using the book Goodnight Moon.

I printed off some Goodnight Moon activities from here.

Coloring balloons

Practicing writing the letter M

Finger painting a picture of a moon

Cutting practice

I really think Sweet Girl is loving this set up.  She definitely loves to cut, color and write.  I'm hoping to continue this in addition to our tot trays, but I will likely only make trays once a month.  Since they are only used when Little Man is down for his nap, I figured we could keep them out for a longer period rather than changing them out each week.

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