Friday, December 9, 2011

December Daily Days 1-8

I am so stinkin' excited to share my December Daily pages.  I am I am having so much fun with this project.  I've tried to keep it super simple for me and really have been trying to keep my OCD self from getting in the way.  One thing I'm really loving is the full page pictures and Ali's layered templates.  Love. Them.

So here they are!!

Day 1
Advent calendar and birthday
The left side is Ali's layered template and pictures of my daughter opening our advent calendar.  The right side is Ali's overlay and picture/journaling of my son's first birthday.

Day 2
Pictures of our nativity scene of the left side and some journaling on the right side.  I had a hard time adding just journaling to the right page, but am so glad I did.  I included a conversation my daughter was having with the people of the nativity.

Day 3
Breakfast with Santa
The left side of the page has two pictures from our Breakfast with Santa with one of AE's Christmas Twill strips in between.  The right side (with the overlay) isn't completed yet because I'm waiting for the picture we had taken with Santa.  I also include two 4x6 pictures adhered back to back of my son's birthday party.

Day 4
Christmas tree and letter to Santa
Full page picture of our tree with AE word art and a some written journaling (quote was stolen from AE's page).  Right side is AE overlay with another full page picture.

Day 4 (continued)
I added two 5x7 pictures adhered together in between my day 4 pages.  On the left is my daughter writing a letter to Santa and on the right is her putting the letter in Santa's mailbox at our post office.

Day 5
Christmas crafts
The left side is another one of Ali's awesome layered templates (seriously in love with these) and the right side has the overlay with some journaling printed directly onto it.

Day 6
My favorite day.
Love my kiddos!  The left is a full page picture of them cuddled on the couch watching The Polar Express.  I used AE December date overlay and some of her word art on the picture.  For the right side I printed the journaling directly onto the cardstock and then printed out a picture from The Polar Express.

Day 7
Twinkle, twinkle!
It may have taken us a few days, but we finally decorated our tree.  The left side is a bokeh picture I took of our tree with AE word art.  I really had fun playing around with my camera.  On the right side I included two pictures taken of our tree (again...I was playing around with my camera!!). 

I had a hard time trying to figure out which pictures of our tree and kids to use on this day so, again, I decided to add two 5x7 pictures adhered back to back. 

Day 8
Making cookies
The left side is a full page picture in one of AE layered templates.  The right side is also one of the layered templates, but I just modified it to fit my page and pictures. 

So loving every single minute of this project.  Thank you Ali for creating this project and sharing all your amazing ideas!!


  1. Just love day 4 and day 7 the pictures are amazing..looking forward to my playing with tree pics too!! will be following along hope you camo on over to my dec caily for a visit :)

  2. Great job...Your album in coming along wonderfully. I am keeping up with mine but have not yet had the time to post about it. Merry Christmas.

  3. Stephanie, it looks SOOOOO awesome! I'm so glad you are loving this project. I really love all of your photos. :) Looking forward to seeing more!


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