Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Button Tree

Sweet Girl and I made the cutest little Fall tree branch today.  I had some extra buttons lying around that were "Fall-ish" in color and she asked to make something with them!!

I cut out a branch from some brown cardstock and had her glue it onto the white paper.  Initially, she added the glue dots for the buttons, but I think she got tired of doing it, so she asked me to help. 

This simple little activity turned into quite a fun little learning experience.  Sweet Girl sorted all the colors by shades (there were some lights and darks of the same colors) and sizes. 

She was adamant about grouping all the same color "leaves" together.  And I really think she was a little disappointed when she used up all the pinks.  This would have been an all pink tree branch if she could have her way!!

Ah....the colors of Fall!


  1. Love how it turned out! Shared it on fb and twitter.

  2. oh I love it, we will make one after we recover from this cold virus. thanks for sharing!!

  3. This is cute! My little one might love this. =D


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