Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tot Trays

Color matching
These peg people get used a lot at our house.  Usually for pretend play in our doll house.  This tray is pretty simple and easy for Sweet Girl, but she enjoys them so I like to leave them out.

Pouring beans
Still a favorite at our house!

Knobbed cylinders
I usually try to just remove one row at a time because they can be pretty tricky to match up if they are all out.

For this tray I pulled out some of our little wooden animal/object pieces.  We will take turns pulling out one object/animal at a time and try to "tell a little story" about our objects.  Sweet Girl is really into stories right now.

Body part puzzle


  1. Great trays, as always. I've got those peg people on my DIY to-do list :) They look like so much fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Would you mind sharing where you got the body part puzzle, knobbed cylinders, and peg people?

  3. Thanks ladies! @MamaMunky, e puzzle and cylinders are from Kid Advance. And I made the peg people....all of the pieces can be purchased in the wood section at craft stores.

  4. I have seen these peg people a lot lately. Where did you get them or how did you make them? Thx! Ree


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