Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY Quiet Book (Fast & Easy)

A few weeks ago we took a long trip up to New Hampshire to visit my husband's grandparents.  We have a short little flight and then a 2-hour car drive so I wanted to make sure Sweet Girl stayed busy and content.  I came across this idea for a quiet book using velcro and I knew it would be perfect for our trip!  (And yes...I'm still addicted to Pinterest.)

I cut out most of images using a Slice machine, glued them on and then laminated the pages.  Then I added the velcro, attached all the pieces and bound it together with book rings.

Here's a look at our pages:


My name is....

Matching shapes

Big and small match

Five Little Ducks song

Traffic Light

Matching color shades

Dress up
(These adorable dress up dolls and clothes are from Babalisme.  She has some incredible free printables.  I have printed out most of her dress up dolls!  They are just too cute to pass up!!)

Here's a closer adorable!!

The book was great during our flight and road trip, but also turned out to be very handy for quiet time once we were up in NH.  Sweet Girl still loves to play with it and I plan on adding more pages eventually!

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  1. Cute! Thanks for sharing. I just pinned this to hopefully do later.

  2. Absolutely fabulous! Love this idea.

  3. found u on pinterest, we just moved from md several months ago. Following you on GFC, hope you'll stop by my blog as well :D Very cute idea!

  4. This looks wonderful! You're amazing to take the time to put this together. And what a fun keepsake! Thanks for the great link on the paper dolls.

  5. Stephanie, you've done a lovely job.
    I've seen a few of these (I love Pinterest too!!) but you've inspired me to try and make one.
    My nearly 4yr old is going on her first long car trip (without mum and dad) next week and staying for a few days with her grandparents. This could be a lifesaver for my parents!

  6. I love your ideas for the quiet book. Cute and fun for little ones!

  7. how big are these pages? 4x6? 8X11? thanks for the inspiration!


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