Friday, September 30, 2011

Apple Printing

I had about three months where both my kiddos went down for naps at the same time and that quiet time I had was soooo nice.  Now, though, my little princess has decided she no longer wants to take naps and pretty much only has about 15 minutes of "rest time" before she dances downstairs and tells me that nap time is over.  So instead of my quiet time, we have art/craft time together...which has turned out to be great one-on-one time for us (although I still miss that occasional solitude, you know!).

We're all ready for Fall so today we did some apple printing.  We tried this last year, but Sweet Girl wasn't really into it that much.  She had much more fun this time!

First she stamped red apple prints all over the paper.

Then she added a little green stem and some leaves to the tops of the apples.

And then she just had to experiment with the paint by painting the apple and finger painting.

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  1. We had a lot of fun doing apple prints, too. Both the kiddos loved it. I understand that much needed quiet time during the afternoon! Both of mine are still going down (for a couple of hours!) in the afternoon at the same time, and it is SUCH a blessing. Number three is due in January...things are about to change!

    Steph, on another subject, I've been wanting to ask you how you store all of your tot tray/school supplies. I'd love to see how you have everything organized.

    Have a great weekend!


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