Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alphabet Box

I wanted to share our alphabet box today!!  The majority of the objects I use for our weekly letter sensory bin are from this box!  I had so much fun hunting for objects...and I'm actually still on the hunt for a few things!!  I found about half of our objects in the drawers, toy boxes and baskets in our house.  The rest I picked up at either the dollar store or the craft store!!

All of our objects are stored alphabetically in a hardware box I found at Lowes.  I used some alphabet stickers I already had on the front of each drawer. 

The hardware box is great because the drawers can be easily removed.

Here are our letter A and letter B objects.

Right now, I keep the box stored in a closet.  Eventually, I hope I can keep this box accessible to Sweet Girl so she can play with and sort the objects.  She loves playing with it!!  But I know if I left it out now, she would just hoard them all in her purse never to be returned!!

Mari-Ann at Counting Coconuts wrote several awesome posts about her alphabet box!!  Be sure to check those out for more detailed information!


  1. I have seriously just pinned over 100 of your ideas to Pinterest over the past couple of days!!! I LOVE all of your ideas - thank you so much for sharing them. I'm just getting starting on integrating tot trays into our daily "school" time, and your blog has been absolute eye candy.

    Great alphabet storage solution as well. I'm sure I'll end up using something like this once I collect enough little objects.

  2. I have all of my little trinkets but just need to get the box! Yours looks great!

  3. Stephanie, what a great idea!
    I had to laugh though when I read that your little one would hoard them in her purse.
    It must be a girl thing as my two little girls do the same with their play handbags and suitcases.


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