Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Drawing and Writing

I am in full cleaning and organization mode at our house so I decided to hold off on our tot trays this week.  Not to mention that Little Man is constantly on the go and I still haven't found the best method for us and our trays.  We've tried the whole "leave them in a drawer" option, but I feel like they definitely don't get used as often as when they were left out on our little table.  Still kinda struggling with that.  Anyway....we have mainly been doing fun art projects, drawing, coloring and playing with stickers.  My little lady surprised me the other day and did some AMAZING drawing and writing!!  It's been so fun to watch her scribbles turn into "people" and letters.

This is a drawing of herself. 

This just blew me away!  This is her name. 

And here is her name again.  (I made her do it again and again because I was just so amazed!!)

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