Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ABC Fun - Letter K

We had a lot of fun learning letter J last week!  Sweet Girl's favorite part was "jumping over the J's" and now we do that almost every time we're outside playing with chalk!!

I've planned lots of fun things for letter K this week! 

Alphabet Sensory Bin
First up is our letter K sensory bin.  I couldn't find too many letter K objects other than a key and a koala so I printed off some objects/things that begin with the letter K and added them to our bin.  We always use our bin first so we can talk about the letter and it's sound!

Making letter K/k with play-doh
This is from Homeschool Creations.

Counting keys
I drew several large keys and gathered up all our extra keys for this simple counting activity.

Kite pattern
And since our week is all about the beach, I thought this kite pattern would fit perfectly!!  This is from letter K over at COAH!

Kicking "K"
I love to find ways to make learning interactive and fun!  Since jumping over "J" was so much fun last week, I decided to do "kicking the K" this week.  The big inflatable balls are a huge hit at our house so I know Sweet Girl will love this one!


  1. We just finished our K week. I love your Kicking K idea and the counting keys. Wish I had seen your post sooner.
    I invite you over to Tots and Me to check out our K lessons.

  2. Oh my goodness! Kicking K such an amazing idea!! I will have to bookmark it for when we get back around to this letter this year. I really love the counting keys too! :) Great activities as always. Thank you for sharing.


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