Friday, March 11, 2011

Toddler crafts - Week in Review

The weather was cold and rainy this week, but we had lots of fun inside!  Here's what we did at our house!!

We love strawberries at our house so this was a fun craft to make!!  This is from No Time For Flashcards.  I used sticky back foam for the "strawberry seeds" instead of glue since Sweet Girl usually goes a little overboard with the glue!!

This is also from No Time For Flashcards.  Sweet Girl saw me looking through the different crafts on the computer and spotted the carrot craft.  We said we were feeding our elephant carrots!!

Feather art
This is probably my favorite of this week!!  I know it doesn't look like much, but Sweet Girl did it all by herself.  She had a left over piece of paper from one of our other crafts and asked for the glue and feathers.  I was over with Little Man and when I came back I saw this feather masterpiece!!  My new goal is to provide more opportunities for "unstructured" arts and crafts!!

Also from No Time For Flashcards!!!

E is for.....egg

E is for.....elephant

 And since our week was all about foods, I included some pictures of Sweet Girl helping in the kitchen.  She is such a great helper!!

Stirring the lemon filling for our lemon bars

Breaking (and sorting) asparagus
Asparagus is probably her favorite food (no...seriously!!) and she loves to help break the woody stems from the asparagus.  The sorting was totally her own doing!  Look how everything is so neat and orderly!

And just because he's so dang cute!!!



  1. Cooking with toddlers is such fun. We made lemon bars this week too.

  2. Love the elephant. My son is obsessed with them, we'll have to try it.

  3. Your kids are too cute!

    Thanks for sharing at the For the Kids Friday Link Party! I look forward to having you back this Friday!


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