Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Crafting Fun For Toddlers

Looking for some fun Spring-y crafts to do with your little one?  Check out some of our recent Spring crafts, as well as some oldies, but goodies!!

Paper flower bouquet
These were super easy to make and Sweet Girl really enjoyed carrying around the "bouquet" once we were done.  To make these, just draw some flower shapes on pieces of construction paper, have your child paint them, cut them out once they are dry and then attach pipe cleaners as "stems".  What a lovely bouquet for a special mom or grandmother.

Flower faces
Sweet Girl and I made these for our Mimi last year, but I still love looking at them!  As with the flower bouquet, just draw your flowers and stems on construction paper and have your little one paint them.  Once dry cut them out, glue them on and add a sweet little face to the middle! 

Color mixing butterfly
Isn't he cute?  Check out B.Inspired mama for the super easy directions.

Shape Easter egg
We did this craft a few weeks ago to go along with our letter E activities, but it would be perfect for this time of year!!  All you do is cut out an egg from construction paper, cut out some shapes from sticky-backed foam and have your child decorate their egg.

Soda bottle flowers
This is a neat little craft!  Check out Frugal Family Fun for details.


  1. Ah, these are super cute!

    I will share on my facebook daycare page with a link.

    La-La's Daycare

  2. Oh I really like your flower bouquet and flower faces!

  3. What fun crafts! The butterfly is really cute! Stopping by from Preschool Corner. :)


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