Sunday, February 6, 2011

January Sensory Bins

I try to make 1-2 sensory bins each month.  This month I made two and Sweet Girl really enjoyed playing with them!! 

Colors Sensory Bin
The beginning of January was all about colors.  This was a really fun and colorful sensory bin.  On the bottom there is a bunch of rainbow colored rice; then I added shredded paper and colored ribbons, homemade pom poms and colored objects.  I can't take credit for this wonderful idea, though.  I found it at Counting Coconuts....she makes some wonderful sensory bins!!  I added some bowls and spoons and Sweet Girl had fun pouring and scooping the rice and sorting the objects by color.  I forgot to take pictures of her time!  I will probably bring this one back out this summer.

Winter Sensory Bin
Sweet Girl loves penguins and she LOVED this one.  She still carries around all the little animals in the penguin purse (in the middle of the bin).  This one is loaded with tons of white pony beads, clear rocks, acorns, blue mitten stickers, silver bells, silver snowflakes and all the penguins I could find in our house (do you think we have enough???).  I'm pretty sure my daughter is a hoarder of objects!!

Here she is amazed by all the little animals.

And here she is having a penguin party!!

We didn't have any white playdough for pretend snow, so I made some up using this recipe.  You can't really tell from the picture, but I added silver glitter to the playdough to jazz it up a little. 

Sweet girl brought all the little animals over and we put them in the "snow".  We talked about the artic and how it was cold and icy.

Too cute!!

I'll share our February sensory bin later this week!!


  1. I love your sensory bins. What a great idea to have a color one!

  2. Great sensory bins! I just want to steal them!

  3. Hello from Wedded Mommy Bliss!!

    I love to make sensory tubs for my son and I love to see what other people are doing with them. Everyone has a new twist or idea on how to make them better. These are great! I'm following you to see what else you come up with!!!


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